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I have specifically chosen these companies because I enjoy the the utility that they provide.  Some of the companies below provide services, others provide products.  Some of the companies are on this list because I love watching their channels on TV.  Whatever the case, these are not randomly chosen companies.  I have used  their services.  You may find some of them useful.  I've divided the companies into a few groups in order to keep the page sizes down.  Hopefully they won't take more than a minute to load (over a modem).

Plus if you buy anything through one of these links (with a few exceptions), I'll get some $$$$.

Journal of Young Investigators (JYI)

How many people don't know about Amazon?  Their "1-click" technology is addictive; it's so easy to just click around and buy something new.  Scary...

A&E Television Networks

The A&E Television Networks include A&E, the History Channel, and Biography (among others).  They offer a wide range of high quality, entertaining programming on VHS and DVD, including every available home video from A&E and The History Channel, as well as many other related gifts and collectibles.

In Association with

Barnes &

I usually use Barnes & Noble as one of my first price sources for comparison shopping.  While they don't have the breadth of selection that Amazon has, they make up for it with their (usually) intelligent suggestions based upon your preferences, previous purchases, and selections made by other people who have tastes similar to your own.  In addition to the regular online bookstore stuff, they also have a great selection of rare, out-of-print, and used books for you to peruse.


BMG Music Service

OK, I admit that I've used these services in the past.  I think that they are a really good deal if you're building a collection and aren't concerned with getting the newest releases ASAP.  BMG offers 12 CD's for the price of one with nothing more to buy EVER.  I had used it in the past, but I haven't been interested in music as much recently. 

Columbia House

You may know Columbia House as the place you buy your music, videos and DVDs. In fact, you may be one of our 16 million members in North America who buy more than one billion dollars worth of our products each year. You select from almost 12,000 music titles and over 7,000 VHS and DVD titles- direct from our catalogs or through our Web site.

But did you know that Columbia House has been a pioneer in the home entertainment industry for almost five decades? From vinyl to video to digital, the success of Columbia House is tied to the phenomenal growth of the music and video industry. Founded in 1955 a division of CBS, Inc. Columbia House is now a privately held company - equally owned by two of the most prestigious entertainment companies in the world; Sony Corporation and AOL/Time Warner, Inc.

Banner 10000050

I love the Discovery channel.  They've got some really great educational programming that provides new insight and information on everything from plastic surgery to animal habits.  They also have a number of other brands including: The Learning Channel (TLC), The Travel Channel, and Animal Planet.

Explore Your World (formerly Babbages, Software etc., and a number of other smaller video game stores) is now a Barnes & Noble company.  They've got nearly every game you can think of and they support every platform.  Plus, like Barnes & Noble above, they have a selection of pre-owned games as well.

PC Games at

The Sporting News

If any of you play fantasy sports, The Sporting News is a great place to do your research.  They publish one of the best known periodicals in the sports world.  They have complete previews of upcoming seasons for the major American sports on their website.  Plus, they also sell more extensive books and guides regarding nearly every aspect of sports you can think of.

My friends and I had been playing Smallworld fantasy games for years.  Smallworld was acquired by The Sporting News.  It's a "salary cap" league, so if you like that limitation, try some of their games.

TIME Magazine

TIME is one of the most respected magazines in the world.  What intrigues me the most are their articles on current debate "hot topics."  They are well-known for their intriguing magazine covers. also has a whole selection of great black & white photos that would look great on websites.  I'm trying to incorporate some of them on

Money Cover

All of you have seen these ads on TV.  In addition to the stuff you see advertised, they also have an extensive selection of Elvis, oldies, and Christmas music.  While I can't say that I have actually bought anything from them, I've often wished that I could.  They do have some really great collections of music.

Tower Records

Is there anything that you can't find at Tower Records?  Plus, I think that their new releases are 30% off.

Top Hits at Tower!

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