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I have specifically chosen these companies because I enjoy the the utility that they provide.  Some of the companies below provide services, others provide products.  Some of the companies are on this list because I love watching their channels on TV.  Whatever the case, these are not randomly chosen companies.  I have used  their services.  You may find some of them useful.  I've divided the companies into a few groups in order to keep the page sizes down.  Hopefully they won't take more than a minute to load (over a modem).

Plus if you buy anything through one of these links (with a few exceptions), I'll get some $$$$.

Bread&Water, Inc.

Big Dogs

This place is for the funny dog lover in all of us.  They've got lots of fun clothing, most notably their boxers, sweatshirts, and t-shirts.  They're so funny!  Renowned for high-quality active wear, casual sportswear, gifts and accessories, Big Dog Sportswear guarantees Quality-Value-Fun for the entire family, even your dog! Big Dogs' product line includes Little Big Dogs for infants and children and Big Big Dogs for larger sizes.

Big Dogs

Blue Fly is an online designer outlet.  They have some great deals (savings of up to 75%) on both men's and women's clothing in addition to their house wares.

Use code 161 and receive an additional 15% on purchases through June 29, 2002.

designer fashion | discount prices


Ahhh... Brooks Brothers.  That's where I got my first suit.  It was a navy Brooks Ease.  I love that suit... in fact, it still holds a special place in my closet.  Where else can you go for such quality clothing for reasonable prices?  OK, it's still a little expensive for my budget now, but if you find a better place, let me know.

125 x 125 Spring 2


dELiA*s is a dynamic brand with almost universal consumer recognition in its target audience. The brand was born in 1993 as a catalog offering hip, stylish apparel, shoes and accessories. The quality of our offerings, as well as our status as the premier direct marketer to this demographic group, have helped us build a powerful, interactive brand that speaks directly to teen girls. dELiA*s also reaches teens through dELiAs.cOm, one of the hottest teen web sites on the Internet, and a chain of enormously popular retail stores. dELiA*s — in every distribution channel — is a major source of styles, trends and inspiration for girls across the country.

offer02_125x125 - the Original Hawaiian Store

We are committed to providing you a truly unique Hawaiian shopping experience.  As the world's largest manufacturer of Hawaiian and Island lifestyle products, we can offer tremendous value pricing on the largest selection, backed by friendly customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

J.Crew was launched in 1983 as a line of men's and women's sportswear sold through its award-winning catalog. By presenting lifestyle images and innovative still photography, the catalog, often compared to a lifestyle publication, quickly became the company's trademark and the vanguard of the ensuing direct - mail industry. The company also revolutionized casual dress in America by designing the first stone-washed chino, the roll neck sweater and the solid cotton pocket-T in a wide range of unexpected colors, now all staples of American sportswear.

jcrew.com125x125 guarantees the lowest prices or they'll pay back 110% of the difference.  So now you know where to go to get all of your nice smelling-things.

Sephora is a great place to find gifts for our lady-friends.  Somehow, whenever I'm walking around with a women, we always have to stop by this store and look inside.  We don't always go into the store, but I guess just looking in the large storefront window is sometimes enough to satisfy.

Gifts 3

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